The HUB, Xion Mall, Hinjewadi,

If you search it on will find many attractive pictures of The HUB.

You will feel you will get awesome experience and great food plus dj floor, but the things are little bit different...they have 2 sections..ground and ground sec the music and Dj is soooo cant even make the orders...1st pay it to the counter and handover the receipt to the bar counter for your order. Its full dark... fully...!

Roof top section is good...nice place but the food does not resembles to what it looks like...taste is just fine...service is good...DJ floor is open for everyone but its not good as PUBLIQ.

Never book a table on ground floor of it to the roof top and then move to the dance floor by handling one of yours gov. ID to the man who will be taking care of your table..

Ambiance - Roof top - 3/5

Service - 4.5/5

Cost Effective - 3.5/5

Cleanliness - 4/5

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