P for Prawns on Weekend

As it's a lock down situation every where, you don't have much options for outside food, so the only option left for me as living as a bachelor is to cook by my self. Every weekend I always try to cook something new and as I am big Sea Food lover, one day is surely dedicated for Sea Food.

Last weekend I planned to cook a very simple recipe for prawns which just includes only 5 very basic ingredients in it.

But obvious the main thing you would be needing is half a KG of Prawns

> 1 ts Haldi (turmeric)

> 1 ts Kali Mirch powder (Black Pepper powder)

> 1 ts Laal Mirch (Red Chilly Powder)

> Barik kata Lehsun (Chopped Garlic)

> Salt as per the taste

Firstly, we cleaned the prawns very well after which we just marinated them with the above masalas and left it for about 30 mins. You will observe, the color of the prawns has been change and it has become slightly green or something like that. I like little bit spice so you'll find red chilly powder all over.

Then after 30 mins, you can a 1 TS of oil in non-stick pan, let it heat on high flame for 30 secs approx and then you can start putting prawns in it. Prawns and fish do not take much time to cook as soon as you put it in pan, you will see observe the whitish and orange type of coloration on it.

Put the flame on low and let it cook for 3 to 4 mins depends on the size of prawns and then you can flip it using Fork. If you wish to have crispy prawns, you can add corn flour as well in the marination part.

Do keep in mind, over cooking of prawns will make it chewy but that is also fine if you like it.

So this is how i went cooking my Prawns during weekend, you can enjoy it too.

Have a good Day all!