Mahesh Lunch Home, Juhu, Mumbai

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Well if you are a sea food lover or ever wanted to taste a sea food, then this is the place where you should visit first.

They are specialist in serving all kind of sea foods, and I am so happy that its one branch is going to open near my home in Pune.

From a year I can say I am trying to visit this Restaurant but it was too far from my area and now finally I will get a chance to visit this place.

Over here we had crab, Lobster, Prawns, Pom fret fish and some more dishes, I don't remember the exact name.

They let you know the size of the crab or lobster they are going to cook it for us, dependent on that they charge us like how big is the crab/fish/lobster is.

I will definitely upload some more pics of this restaurant when I visit here next time.

Now I have only one pic with me, please have a look.

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