Kareem's Restaurant, Nagpur

Soooo, I recently visited Nagpur to meet my family. I was casually sitting on the couch when my uncle said we will have our dinner today outside. I was too excited then. I was just searching for some new Restaurant in Nagpur because in last 2 years, many new and exotic Restaurants have been opened up. Then my dad suggested that we had a newly opened Restaurant in Clark Town, name Kareem's Restaurants.

I was just waiting to go in there.

It was hardly 5mins away from my home, they have valet parking as well.

As I entered the Restaurant, It was so well nicely acquired, each corner and space have been efficiently utilized.

The atmosphere was quite refreshing.

Those seekhs kababs just hanging behind the mirror giving a perfect shot.

We were total 10 members.

We started with the starters, too tasty, too much varieties were present in the menu,

We continued with the dinner.

Ambiance was good,

Service was bit slow

Atmosphere was nice and refreshing.

Cost was little bit high but if you are getting this kind of delicious food, its applicable then.

In dessert I must say, if you guys ever get a chance to visit here, go for Shahi Tukda, it was one the favorite and delicious dessert I have ever tasted.

Check out some Pics for ref.