Hey Foodie, Nice to meet you, I'm Rahi

New taste leads to New destination!

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have been a part of RestroBlogs. I am glad that we are now a family. 

So, Now about me, I am a professional Restaurant and Food Blogger, I started my journey 2 years back by writing my reviews and posts on different food ordering sites and on Google as well.


The person to whom I am most connected with is my awesome Sister, she's even much more big foody then me. 


Sometime back I decided to why not designed a website of your own where everybody, every foddie with me can share there thoughts and experince with me as well as with the whole world. So Here I am with my site - RestroBlogs.com 

So common foodie, share your dining experience, share your own recipe, I would love to see the growing  foodie community.

Happy Blogging, Happy RestroBlogs

Frequently asked questions

How can I start writing or publish posts?

To create or publish a new blog post, you need to first sign up/log in. Then If you are not logged in, you won't be able to write any post. Click on 'Create Post' Write your Post , upload pics if any and select category/ies Click on 'Publish'

How many pictures one can upload at a time?

While publishing a post you can upload as many pics as you want but one at a time. We are working on mutli select option Be with us, we need your support.

Can I edit my post once published?

Yes, you can definitely edit your published post any time you want.

How we can use RestroBlogs?

@RestroBlogs a Restaurant and Food blogging website for all of those who wish to show the world how big foodie they are. @RestroBlogs you can start creating your new post once logged in. Like, Comment, Share or Report the post by other foodies. Share your own recipe with the world. Soon new features will be added.

How one can on/off the notifications?

To turn on/off the notifications: 1. Login by your credentials 2. Click on 'Create Post' 3. Right click on your profile picture 4. Select 'Settings' 5. Now turn on/off the notifications as you wish